Toronto International Film Festival

The UK FILM centre returned to TIFF this year. Film Export UK backed by BFI Lottery and numerous WeAreUKFILM partners took over the Hyatt Regency's Festival Room with its rooftop terrace.


The London Screenings
took place at the end of June. The event was a rebranded andd upgraded follow on from LUFF - the 10 year old programme of screenings for invited UK and international distributors organised by Film London..

Over 200 film buyers screened new UK feature films and negotiatede distribution deals with UK-based international sales companies.








UKTI is the government department that offers practical help and advice for businesses trading internationally. For more information visit

Film Export UK is the trade body for companies with UK offices selling, marketing & distributing independent feature films around the world.

The association performs a wide range of functions to support and sustain the export of British independent films from UK companies. From operating umbrella stands at key international film festivals and markets to lobbying government on UK film policy, Film Export UK positions itself at the forefront of the international film industry ensuring that its members’ interests are represented at the highest level and striving for the value of their contribution to the UK, both culturally and economically, to be recognised.

What is an independent film? What are film sales companies and why are they important?


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