Launched in August 2010 as an offshoot of UK Distributor Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment, Kaleidoscope Film Distribution is a boutique sales agency offering quality independent feature films and documentaries to the foreign market.

With offices in Soho, London, Kaleidoscope has direct marketing relationships with over 2500 theatrical, home entertainment, television and ancillary buyers worldwide.  It attends all major film markets annually, including Cannes, Toronto, the AFM and the EFM.  The cornerstones of Kaleidoscope’s business are strong relationships with its distribution clients, and a commitment to transparency with its Producers.

Since its inception less than two years ago, Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment has brought over 30 films to the UK marketplace and is currently releasing 40 titles per year with up to 15 theatrical releases. Its catalogue includes Bruce MacDonald’s “Pontypool”, “Trailer Park of Terror, “One Night In Turin”, “Apocalypse”, “Night Of The Demons”, “The Horseman”, “Funny Games”, “Little Ashes” starring Robert Pattinson, and the San Fu Maltha produced “Winter in Wartime”.

Reuniting The Rubins
The Prodigy - World's On Fire
I, Superbiker
Strippers vs Werewolves
Michael Flatley: Lord of the Dance 3D
From The Ashes
Bikini Girls On Ice
Forget Me Not
City Rats
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