Export Support    

Independent feature films have to battle hard for attention in the global entertainment landscape. UK policy makers have long accepted that there is a strong case for public support to help films to cross national borders and find new audiences. Support may be directed to the exporting company to permit it to attend an international event or to the promotion of a film that has been invited to a prestigious festival. It may be directed to the company releasing a film within a country or towards a wider intervention that develops audience tastes or helps the commercial landscape to evolve.

The British Film Institute (BFI) grants of National Lottery funds support our international umbrella stands, and the companies exhibiting on them, via the UK Focus Fund.  Other UK screen industry professionals can benefit from the International Connections Fund by joining BFI delegations to events identified as key opportunities to build mutually beneficial creative relationships, discover new funding and new distribution opportunities.

The UKGSF (based within BFI) targets support across the screen sector, including film, TV, documentary, animation and interactive narrative games content. In addition to supporting International Business Development and International Co-production, it helps International Distribution through support for sales, festival launches  and distribution in international territories.

The British Council's Film department screens new films to selectors from the world's major international film festivals. It has recently partnered with BFI to offer a Travel Grant Fund to get filmmakers and XR creatives to selected international festivals and showcase events, labs, and co production forums.

Under the banner of the GREAT campaign, the Dept for Business & Trade (DBT) support some carefully selected events and activities to support UK exporters at film events. We await the findings of an evaluation study DBT has made to decide whether to reboot a Trade Show Access Program to help exporters in all industries to exhibit abroad. 

The agency that supports film, television, animation and games in the capital holds two events of great benefit to exporters. The London Screenings in June is an invitation-only event for international buyers to screen new British films and meet UK sales companies. and the Production Finance Market (PFM) in October helps filmmakers and financiers from across the globe navigate potential business partnerships and investment.

Replacing the longstanding We Are UK Film branding that has identified UK pavilions and umbrella stands at international events for many years, Screen UK additionally embraces other screen media.  Online, it is the Industry version of a consumer-facing site that encourages audiences abroad to discover UK creative products.